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20190103 105957 0001 - Letter from the CEO

Once again I’m using this medium to congratulate everyone reading this on a successful entry into 2019. Happy new year . We started fully late last year but we’ve grown strong in that little period by trying various ideas and daring to fail. We hope to do more this year and have a fantastic 1 year anniversary as we go.

2019 is a year we are strategically positioned to create effective end-to-end solutions for platform Farmers and Exporters. In achieving our goals this year, AgX Africa through strategic partnership and expansion is offering services in logistics and supply chains, agrifinancing, and farmland estates.


Its very likely you’ve been seeing flyers around online. We’re currently offering new services such as

  • Logistics and Supply chain
  • Handling of Agro commodities
  • Clearing and Forwarding
  • Export Documentation
  • Containerized/ Bulk Cargo
  • Escrow Accounts
  • Merchant Verification

These services will help platform members who are 100% exporters in the processing of their export products and cargo operations.

We are also Proud to announce to you the “AgX Escrow Accounts” which will solve a lot of problems for the middlemen, farmers who are suppliers and the organizations and merchants who buy. Please make sure to read more on the posts that’ll be coming up about this special service for both local and international transactions.


It is our aim to help platform members become empowered. In other to achieve this goal of empowering farmers and agricultural enthusiasts, we went out of our way to create a new subsidiary “AGX FARMLAND ESTATES LIMITED” a company that’ll help empower thousands of farmers and people by creating easy and accessible farmlands in Nigeria. This new subsidiary works hand in hand with Alex – Olusola Solicitors (In the capacity of Legal Advisors).

We have created a “Client Partnership System” by which everyone can join the team, work and earn. You can be a

  • Business Development Officer
  • Associate Business Executive
  • Non Executive Director

…of the Company.

For more details on this, please see posters and flyers.


2019 is an election year and as we all know, we can’t predict the economic outcome of an election year even if we can predict the elections. Since we know how unstable or slow the economy could be during an election year we’ll be focusing on integrating the internal operations of the AgX Cooperatives. If we can create a more sustainable approach from the inside, by the time the political terrain calms down we can go out powerfully for funds and in all certainty of getting it. In view of this we are organizing our first meetup in Lagos and Ogun which will be conveyed to all members and prospective members in various respective platforms.

Our vision for 2019 is strategic, and it’s focused on empowerment of our platform members to profit greatly. We are going to be offering some of our outstanding Volunteers shares in the company. We currently have Volunteers in the areas of Platform Administrators, Talent Coordinators, Agric Writers, Human Resources, Commodity Handlers, etc. We say a big thank you to everyone of you!

We hope to increase our online presence this year by taking some of our services online so that you can easily log on online and subscribe for whatever you want. Thereby we are calling for investors (Tech enthusiasts, Agric tech entrepreneurs) to invest into the AgX Africa opportunity.

AgX Learning’s training centre has been moved to 10, Bisi Ogabi street, Ikeja, as we hope to offer a conducive and more physical training this year. Our corporate address still remains the same and its appointment as usual. We are still calling for more collaborators, volunteers and partners. Please reach us through our email agxafrica@gmail.com or chat us up on Telegram or WhatsApp.

Make sure to follow us on all Social media platform.

Facebook: Agro Commodities Exchange, AgX
Twitter: @agxafrica
Instagram: @agxafrica
LinkedIn: Agro Commodities Exchange, AgX

Read current updates and information on www.agxafrica.com (Media hub for Farmers, Agro merchants & Exporters).

Thank you for staying with us and doing business with us.

Tobi Delly,
CEO, AgX Africa Ltd.

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